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There are a lot of different flowers that are used in designing and creating flower arrangements. Mixed flower bouquets are well-known in the flower industry and it is recommended a gift for occasions, events and celebrations. We are here to give some advice on how to take good care of your flowers.

Here are our care guide and tips:

Cut the stems using sharp knife

Before placing flowers in your vase, You should cut the stem in one to two inches to make your flowers directly absorb the water. Use a sharp knife when cutting to avoid damages to your flowers. Sharp knife ensure that the cells are cleanly cut. Re-trim every other day.

Remove the dry and dead part

When the stem of the flowers are drying out and the cells are dying it makes them hardly absorb the water. That’s why we have to cut the stem before putting it again on the vase so that the new stem will easily absorb the water efficiently. If you find something dead and dry leaf and stems we have to remove it. Dead leaf and stems may affect the other parts of the flowers.

Wash the vase regularly

Germs grow in unclean vases that’s why you don’t wait for it to dry. Before you add water, the vase is again packed with bacteria and the same bacteria that killed the last bouquet are targeting for your new bouquet. You can use hot soapy water in cleaning your vase. Let your flowers stay in a fresh and clean environment.

Change water every now and then

Flowers needs a lot of water! Every day the flowers drink the water in the vase. Maintain the vase full of water to prevent flowers from drying out and wilting. Flowers are also very susceptible to bacteria which grow in the water as stems. When you change the water in your vase every day your flowers can keep fresh longer and stop the awful, rotting scent that comes with long periods. When refilling water in your vase, gently pour water in at the top of the flowers.

Avoid direct to sunlight

Flowers are unhappy to stay in sunny areas. Flowers has a lot of similarities with a human skin that is sensitive in a very hot environment. They will quickly dry when you are placing in bright light like near windows, and cooling vents.

Use flower foods

If you are forgetful and won’t be able to change water on your vase regularly, then flower food is helpful as well and make sure to follow the mixing directions. These food packets contain bactericide that keeps the water fresh and stays longer. But, take note some flowers actually do not like flower food like sunflowers.

Keep Away from Toxic

Flowers are also sensitive from a toxic environment. We have to keep our flowers away from smokes and pesticides because it harms them. Like us human, we need fresh and clean air. It kills them whenever the environment is very dirty and polluted.
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